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Would you like to try a CBR theory exam practice English for free? That is easy and fast to arrange at theorie-oefenexamen.nl. To get an idea of what a theory exam at the CBR looks like, you can take a free practice test for the car theory exam. This way you can get a clear idea of what you can expect and what kind of exam questions you will encounter. It is also possible to take a free Dutch driving theory test in English to brush up your knowledge in the field of car theory.
Curious about your level of car theory knowledge? For a free theory driving test in the Netherlands you have come to the right place! 
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Completing a car theory exam is essential before obtaining your driver’s license. Comprehensive preparation for the CBR exam is essential.
You won't find better preparation than at Theorie Ster! In fact, our complete practice exams correspond to those of the CBR. Thus, we guide you through the entire process. 
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A great advantage of practicing your car theory exam at Theorie-oefenexamen.nl is that you get to tackle everything at your own pace. You can use our e-books, videos and exams whenever you want.
Together we strive for one common goal: passing your car theory exam.
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If obtaining your motorcycle license is your goal, start with theory practice. This is because not only do you have to take your practical exam, but you also have to be able to demonstrate your theory.
We are ready to support you in this theoretical part by guiding you in practicing for motorcycle theory.
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 View a free chapter here. So you can see right away how we help you get your theory. Want to see it all? Then click the button below for! 
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Theory exams practice takes time and therefore you need to start on time. Haven't done this or underestimated learning a bit? Then take advantage of our 24-hour 100% pass package (for €24.95)
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Do you know someone who could use some help with their theory? With our theory courses, that's no longer necessary. Help him or her by gifting a theory practice exam!
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What are the benefits of the car theory course?

You have such a thick book in front of you and don't get any further in the number of pages. With an online car theory course this is definitely a thing of the past because you will stay motivated. Our online course consists of several parts. So, with us you don't only have to learn boring texts by heart. We use videos to explain in a clear way, in which we also explain how you can best get started with a practice exam. Of course, with our car theory course you always have the option to consult the e-book and go through the theory again at your own pace. So choose the approach that suits you best and get started yourself.

If you still have doubts, try a free theory driving test for the Netherlands. That way you will know if the way we handle the questions is something you can work with.

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Of course, you are completely free to decide when to take your theory exam and when to start studying. We offer a suitable car theory course for every schedule. There is a package with one week access to practice materials, but also a package that you can use for 3 months. This allows you to prepare for the exam at your leisure.

Do you only want to take practice exams? That is also possible. In addition, you can choose packages where you have access to an e-book and practice exams, or go for an all-in package where you can also watch videos. In all cases, the focus is on questions and theory that are sure to be covered on your exam. Our online car theory course is always up-to-date, keeping you up to date with the latest rules or changes.

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Since getting your car theory takes a lot of time and effort, you need to be able to keep learning fun. The overall design of our theory course already contributes to this. Moreover, it is essential that you can fully concentrate on the online car theory course.

Practicing your car theory can be intense. If you want to fully immerse yourself in the theory for a while, it is best to set a timer for yourself and take a break once in a while. For example, start by learning for half an hour and then do something relaxing. If you then continue learning, you will find that you absorb the material much better. There is little point in staring at your computer screen for hours on end if you notice that your concentration is waning. Of course, you may also reward yourself by watching your favorite series after the car theory course.

The e-book of our online car theory course can always come in handy, so be sure to take advantage of it. Don't read through it all at once, but go through part of it each time. It is also helpful to repeat the material regularly. With our method, you can easily and quickly find specific information or rewatch an important video. If a friend is also studying car theory, consider learning together.

Another advantage of our car theory course is the digital access to all kinds of useful video. By being able to visually explain different situations such as, right of way situations, in practice you will be able to recognize them more easily and avoid mistakes.

Use our CBR theory exam practice in English for free and experience all the advantages of the Theorie Ster courses!

Car theory course at Theorie Ster

With our car theory course, we want to make sure that you become enthusiastic while learning and stay enthusiastic which should make passing your car theory easy. By using our practice tests, e-book and a video course we hope to have prepared you sufficiently. Our practice modules are tailored to the knowledge the CBR expects you to have. You can come to us well before your exam date, but you also have the option of using our 24-hour practice package.

If you feel you have not yet fully mastered everything, you can take extra practice exams the day before the exam to prepare properly.
Before you make the decision to buy a course or not, you can also check out our option for a free Dutch driving theory test in English. You can do this whenever and wherever you want and can decide from this experience if it suits you or not. If you still have questions, we are available by phone, email and WhatsApp.