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Good luck with your CBR car theory exam!

Exams Car theory practice exams


Welcome to the best online CBR car theory practice exams in the Netherlands. In this course we teach you everything you need to know for your CBR car theory. And best of all? You can practice the CBR exam questions and answers indefinitely. What does this mean? After taking the practice exams of the car theory, you have already seen all the CBR questions and answers. In this course we cover all components: hazard perception, knowledge and insight. 


Because our students can practice the course as often as they want, they can also do it all at their own pace. We understand that students can have difficulty with their concentration and prefer not to spend hours on practicing the practice exams.


You can practice wherever and whenever you want, but most importantly: at your own pace! In our E-Book + practice exams car theory we also explicitly indicate the times when the student needs to take a break. For example, we have researched the focus of students and we are aware of how the brains of students work. 


A CBR course without practice exams sounds illogical. It is very important to practice CBR exams before taking the exam. Every CBR exam we have is complete. This means that each exam consists of 65 questions with the three exam parts dealt with: hazard perception, knowledge and insight. This is how your car theory exam will look exactly like the CBR! After taking each practice exam, you will receive a full analysis with which questions you answered correctly and which questions you answered incorrectly. We also explain every question!


Effective students

Do you know about yourself that you learn quickly? and that you are an effective learner? Then these practice exams are enough for you! By having seen all the questions you should also be able to pass your car theory exam. You must of course make sure that you understand everything. 


In our 100% successful car theory course, practice exams and E-Book, we ensure that they always go with the latest decisions of the traffic. So it will never be the case that the CBR asks for things that we have not included in our course. We have all the information!

CBR exam center

You can practice beforehand on the day you have your actual CBR exam. What we recommend is the following: write down the car theory exam parts that were difficult for yourself and only view those on the day of your CBR exam. What we also recommend is the following: You should not practice anything one hour before your car theory exam. This often causes stress. Right before your CBR exam, it is best to take a walk or chat with the people around you.

We wish a successful day to all of you!

We strive for the highest possible success rates for all students of the CBR. We hope that everyone gets the best result for both the car theory and all other CBR exams! Car theory practice exams? You will of course find them on Theory Star!

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This is why you should study with us:

“The most effective student only needs to see or hear everything once. The most effective teacher only needs to say once.''

''It is important that the teacher is just as effective as the student! "

  • Effective and fun
  • Advantageous
  • Works on all devices
  • Performance anxiety proof


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