Dutch driving license theory exam

Is practicing for your theory exam also not your favorite thing to do? At Theorie Ster, we make practicing a lot more fun and simple. We help you with practicing all the necessary theory questions in order to make you ready for the theory exam in the Netherlands. 
How do we do this? Basically, by making you practice the theory in a way that suits you best. At Theorie Ster you can decide whether you just want to practice Dutch driving theory exams or also need to study from an E-Book. With us, you have the option to choose out multiple packages in order to get the right one for you! Theorie Ster is a known authority for theory test courses. 
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Practicing for the driving theory test in the Netherlands

It is very necessary to practice for the theory driving test in the Netherlands because the passing rates are relatively low. In the Netherlands, the passing rate is just below 50% and has been for years. This basically means that you really have to understand the theory in order to pass the exam. Usually, just learning the theory is not sufficient. Through practice exams, you know better what to expect for the actual exam. By applying the learned theory in practice exams, your chances of passing increase significantly. Thus, the Dutch driving theory exam practice is very much necessary in order to pass.

Different theory packages that suit you best

At Theorie Ster you can choose out of a lot of different packages. With Theorie Ster you have the option to pick the package to prepare you for the driving theory test in the Netherlands that suits your way of learning. The packages are all available in English. At Theorie Ster, you can take online video courses, read an E-book or do a bunch of practice exams. With these options, there is always a way or combination of ways that suits everybody. In addition, to these ways of learning, you also have the option to of the duration of the package you choose. This means that you can choose to have access to the practice exams for a day, a week, or even for several months. Since you can pick your own duration, this means that you can learn at your own pace. The goal at the end is that you are highly capable of passing by doing Dutch driving license theory exam practice.

A 100% passing rate for the Dutch driving theory exam

Our course is fully equipped. Achieving the theory exam in the NL has therefore never been so easy. After you have practiced our 100% successful course, you are assured of success. We ensure that the focus is on relevant questions that you can expect in your actual theory test. We make sure that you always pass! So if you want a 100% passing rate for the CBR theory exam, practice our English packages. Apply now and get 30 days access to the complete course! Our course is always up to date with the newest CBR Dutch theory exam questions. Order now!

The need to practice exams

A CBR course without practice exams sounds very illogical, of course. We had the same mindset and therefore chose not to give you only a few practice exams, but instead give you a whole series of practice exams. Each of these CBR theory exams is complete and this means that these exams consist out of 65 questions. This is again divided into three exam components: hazard perception, knowledge, and some insight. After taking a practice exam, you will receive a fully detailed analysis. This indicates what you answered correctly and what you answered incorrectly. The detailed analysis is very helpful since you now know what aspects still need some more attention. After practicing the exams, you are very well prepared for the theory test.

How to pass for your theory test?

Do you want to take a quick look at what a car theory test looks like? For this we have the following option: practice a free car theory exam. We have made a number of sample questions available to everyone. This way you can get an impression of what a car theory exam looks like for free. This is an important car theory practice.

Where can I practice the free car theory exam?

Click here to practice the free car theory exam. Here you can practice a full CBR car theory exam for free! This way you will at least have an impression of what a course looks like with us! Do you want to practice more after the free exam? Then view all packages above!

Is the free car theory exam representative?

The free car theory practice exam has been created for all CBR car theory exam candidates. In this way, they can already have an impression of what the exam will look like at the CBR before they take the exam. So it is certainly representative. However, it is only part of what the exam candidates need to know. To have all the information about the CBR exam, we recommend using a full course.

I practiced the free car theory exam. What now?

After you have practiced the free car theory exam, you are on the right way! You already know what to expect. How did it go? Once you have finished practicing the free car theory exam in English, it is certainly wise to continue practicing. You are well on your way for the CBR theory test!

I passed the free car theory exam. Is that enough?

After you have passed the free car theory exam, this means that you already have some basic knowledge! If you have only practiced one theory exam, this means that you have only seen a small part of all the knowledge you need to have. Research has also shown that most students who fail a few mistakes fail too much. That’s because they just didn’t know that one question. We advise our students to practice at least 5 car theory exams. Then you will ready for your car theory exam Netherlands.

What does the CBR car theory exam look like compared to the free theory exam

The exams of the theory practice exam look the same as the exam that you will take at the CBR. The CBR car theory exam is as follows:

Hazard perception

  • 25 questions
  • Answer at least 13 correctly

Kowledge / Rules

  • 12 questions
  • Answer at least 10 correctly


  • 28 questions
  • Answer at least 25 correctly

I have bought a course. Where can I find the car theory practice exams?

After you have bought one of the courses, you can practice unlimited car theory exams. If you are logged in, you will see an orange button at the top of the homepage with “Exams”. Click on it and choose a theory exam that you want to practice. Good luck!

I want to watch the video course. Where can I find the car theory always passed course?

After you have purchased the 100% successful package and logged in, you will see a blue button on the homepage with “my account” on it. In your area you can go to course and play the course. Even then you can find the auto theory practice exams via the orange button with “exams” on it. Good luck!

How to pass for your theory driving test in The Netherlands?

To pass for your Dutch driving  theory exam  our YouTube channel is also a very helpful tool. In our Youtube video’s we explain to you how to pass the Dutch theory exam. This will help you pass your driving theory test in the Netherlands in English. Make sure you follow our channel so you will get updates of new content to practice for your test. On this page we also update you with video’s. If your car theory exam in the Netherlands is in the coming days, make sure to study the full course so you will pass for your exam for sure! Your driving license is our journey to freedom. If you have any questions before, during or after making the theory practice exams, feel free to contact us for any support!