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Curious about the Dutch Car Theory course?

Watch a free chapter here. This way you can immediately see how we help you to pass your Dutch car theory exam. Do you want to see everything? Then click the button below!

Pass in one go for your car theory!

Our course is fully equipped. Achieving this car theory has therefore never been so easy. After you have practiced our 100% successful course, you are assured of success. We ensure that the focus is on relevant questions that you can expect in your car theory. We make sure that you always pass!

Pass in one go for your car theory, practice the way you like!

With our car theory course you can succeed at your own pace. You decide when and for how long you learn and where you do it. So you can choose to take a long time for this by taking our 3 month package. Would you rather study hard for a week for your car theory? Then you can take our weekly package so that you always pass your car theory. In short, you set the pace with learning. preview? Then you can use our free theory exam. Check the page.

Pass in one go for your car theory!

Take breaks while studying for your car theory

We know that it can be tempting to continue learning for a very long time. However, in practice this makes less sense than you think. With all our theory packages, we therefore recommend taking a 15-minute rest after studying for two hours. In this way you ensure sufficient rest in your brain and you can absorb more information. Our program will automatically send you a reminder when to take a break. In this way we ensure that you achieve maximum efficiency while learning and you have passed your car theory 100%!

You always pass with our practice exams!

A CBR course without practice exams sounds very illogical of course. We had the same mindset and therefore chose not to give you a few practice exams, but instead give you a whole bunch of practice exams. Any of these CBR theory-exams is complete and this means that these exams consist of 65 questions. This is again divided into three exam components: hazard perception, knowledge and some insight. After taking a practice exam you will receive a fully detailed analysis. This indicates what you answered correctly and what you answered incorrectly. We provide an explanation for each question!

Pass for your car theory with our E-Book!

When purchasing our 100% passed car theory course, our students receive an E-book about car theory. A student can use this while learning the car theory and can keep it afterwards. This way you can ensure that your brother or sister always passes his or her theory exam. Don't have a brother or sister? Then you can use the book to easily look up traffic signs and traffic rules. It can always happen that you forget something.


As we mentioned before, we ensure that the theory is relevant and recent. As a result, we are always aware of the latest decisions in traffic and we therefore know what the new questions may be. This way we ensure that the CBR never comes with unexpected surprises. We have all the information and ensure that you always pass!

  • E-Book + Mock exams
  • 100% GESLAAGD
  • Exams

Why should you study with us?

Simply the best.

  • Effective and fun
  • 100% successful
  • Advantageous
  • Works on all devices
  • Performance anxiety proof


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