☑️   Traffic rules

☑️   Tips

☑️   2020 CBR-Updated

E-Book + Mock exams

✅   Traffic rules

✅   Tips

✅   65 questions per exam

✅   Analysis

✅   2020 CBR-Updated


✅   65 questions per exam

✅   Analysis

✅   2020 CBR-Updated

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Theorie in the pocket!

From years of experience we have seen that students often fail their exam because they go unprepared. Prepare yourselves and get your drivers-license!


(1) Prepare yourselves for your exam

(2) Study from a book

(3) Practice mock exams

(4) Write down the mistakes that you make

(5) Take your time

(6) Pay attention to the traffic in your daily life

(7) Book your theory exam on time.

(8) Pay attention to the time during your exam.

(9) Always answer the question, also if you are not sure.

(10) Have enough rest before you go to exam.


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