My CBR car theory exam

How can I pass my theory exam?

The results of my CBR car theory exam. When did I pass?

When you have finished your car theory exam at the CBR you will immediately see the results. The CBR exam for the car theory has 3 parts. Below is a list of how many questions you must answer correctly.

  • Hazard perception
    • 25 questions
    • minimaal 13 goed beantwoorden
  • Kowledge / Rules
    • 12 questions
    • answer at least 10 correctly
  • insight
    • 28 questions
    • answer at least 25 correctly

I have my CBR car theory exam in the pocket!

Gelukkig. Als je je CBR auto theorie-examen behaald hebt, ben je gemachtigd deel te nemen aan je tussentijdse toets en CBR praktijk examen. Deze uitkomst blijft 18 maanden geldig. Je hebt dus 18 maanden de tijd om je praktijkexamen succesvol af te ronden om je autorijbewijs te bemachtigen!

By having taken a theory course, we know from experience that the practical exam will also be easier. Theory practice exam wishes you the best of luck!

Exam part 1 - Hazard perception

Hazard perception structure

The hazard perception component consists of 25 questions, of which you must answer 13 or more questions correctly. You may therefore incorrectly answer a maximum of 12 questions in this exam part.

To achieve this, we have worked out all possible situations for our students. This will make it very easy to answer all 25 questions correctly. In our 100% successful car theory course we explain exactly what you need to know to achieve this. In this way, the hazard perception component will be effortlessly completed. There is also sufficient training material in the practice exams to complete hazard perception with sufficient results.

What actions should you perform?
  • (A) Nothing: Speed is fine in the current situation
  • (B) Stop accelerating: speed decreases gradually, you are aware of other cars’ potential actions.
  • (C) Brake: you may run into something if you do not brake. Reduce speed, until you stop, if necessary.

I did not pass my car theory exam.

Failed car theory exam

I failed my car theory exam. What now? If you have not passed your car theory exam, you will at least know that you were not quite ready for it! It is very important to master the traffic rules perfectly before you can become a responsible road user. Take it easy again and make sure you practice your car theory exam as seriously as possible!

Covid-19 pandemic

To obtain your driving license, you are required to pass your car theory exam in advance. So make sure you book a re-exam. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, waiting times will be extra long in the coming period. Schedule your re-exam and start preparing immediately!

How will I have to practice my car theory exam?

The best way to prepare for your CBR auto theory exam is through one of our online courses. This way you can practice all CBR exam questions with us. We offer various options to help you pass your car theory exam. You can also purchase a 100% successful package from us. You will always succeed with this package. It is also known as: Always a success!


Exam part 2 - Knowledge and traffic rules

The theory exam part of knowledge and traffic rules may sound more difficult than the hazard perception part. You don't have to worry about the knowledge and rules part either.

Theorie-oefenexamen kan er namelijk voor zorgen dat jij alle kennis bezit om dit onderdeel van het CBR auto theorie-examen succesvol af te ronden.

Bij het onderdeel kennis en verkeersregels moet je van de twaalf vragen die gesteld worden tien of meer juist beantwoorden om te slagen. Bij kennis en regels mag je er dus een stuk minder naast zitten. 

100% successful

In this course you can use a video course about car theory where everything is explained in great detail.

You will confidently go to your re-exam and also immediately pass your car theory exam. Good preparation is half the job!

We wish you a lot of success in passing your CBR car theory exam. After your car theory exam has been passed with the help of our video course, your CBR practical exam will also be passed with ease.

Exam part 3 - Insight into traffic.

You shouldn't be wrong with the last part either. Namely, 25 questions need to be answered correctly. How many mistakes are you allowed to make in the insight part? There are a maximum of 3. Our research shows that as soon as you know all the traffic rules, you will effortlessly pass the insight component. The auto theory exam exercises of the theory practice exam is also strongly focused on the insight component.

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