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Priority, insert and exit

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Where can you expect a priority vehicle in a traffic jam?

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Where do you always have to give way to a bus to leave a bus stop?

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You want to avoid the cop with flashing lights. Is this the right way?

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Does a military column always have priority?

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Opposite you is a military column. Do you have priority?

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You want to make way for an ambulance with sirens on. Can you drive through a red light?

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Can you expect the bus to merge for you?

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You want to leave the roundabout. Should you let the cyclist go first?

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In front of you is a traffic jam. Should you let the motor go first?

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The bus wants to leave. Do you have to give him priority? 

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You are going to enter the motorway. Do you already have to indicate direction?

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You leave the highway. Where do you reduce the speed?

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You continue to drive in the right lane. You want to exit. Do you have to turn on your turn signal to the right?

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You want to exit, but the right side of the car touches the roadside. What are you doing?

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