CBR theory exam

The CBR (Central Bureau for Driving Licences) theory exam is an important step towards obtaining your driver's license in the Netherlands. Whether you take the standard theory exam or the CBR theory exam in English, good preparation is essential to pass. Read on to know all the ins and outs about the theory exam and how you can best prepare for it with the help of Theorie Ster.
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Completing a car theory exam is essential before obtaining your driver’s license. Comprehensive preparation for the CBR exam is essential.
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If obtaining your motorcycle license is your goal, start with theory practice. This is because not only do you have to take your practical exam, but you also have to be able to demonstrate your theory.
We are ready to support you in this theoretical part by guiding you in practicing for motorcycle theory.
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CBR English theory exam

Before you can take the practical exam, you must first  pass the theory exam at the CBR. This is possible from the age of 16. During the theory exam, you demonstrate that you are able to recognize hazards, are familiar with the traffic rules and have traffic insight.

For those who are not native speakers of the Dutch language,  the CBR offers  the possibility to take the theory exam in English. This is a valuable option for expats and international students who live in the Netherlands and want to earn a driver's license. The theory exam in English is available for both the car and motorcycle license categories.

Content theory exam CBR

The CBR theory exam consists of three different parts to test candidates' knowledge and understanding of traffic rules and traffic situations.

  1. Hazard perception: This component tests your ability to recognize and anticipate dangerous situations on the road. You have three options to choose from: brake, let go of the throttle, or do nothing.
  2. Knowledge: This section asks questions about traffic rules, road signs, and traffic situations. You'll be asked questions about topics such as the right of way, traffic lights, and speed limits.
  3. Insight: here you will be asked questions about traffic situations and how you should behave in those situations. You have to show that you understand how to apply the rules of the road in practice.

The theory exam is taken via a computer and you have a limited time to complete each part. The CBR theory test is available in different categories, such as car, motorcycle, moped and truck. Depending on the type of driver's license you want to obtain, the content and duration of the exam may vary.

Theorie Ster for Theory Exam Success

Good preparation is the key to success  in the CBR theory exam, regardless of the language in which you take the test. A good way to prepare yourself is to use an online course and practice exams.

Practice for the theory exam quickly and effectively with the best practice exams from Theorie Ster. Our practice exams are CBR-certified, so you are optimally prepared for the real exam. If reading is not your preference, we also offer a video course that explains everything. We have flexible options, from ample preparation time to a 24-hour practice package. We also offer all packages in English, check them all out here!

If you have any questions about the CBR theory exam in English and which package is best for you, please contact us. We are ready to help you, so that you can pass your theory as quickly and as well as possible.